Willow Bend Park

Welcome To Our Community!!

Welcome to the website for Willow Bend Park! We are launching this site to provide better communication and information about our neighborhood. This is our neighborhood and our site - so please submit ideas and suggestions for items you would like to see included here. The basics are here today, the latest news, a directory maintained by Excel, information on HOA dues and payment history, and a few key sites with news you can use. I am here to facilitate the site and make sure the content is available to all. Post your pictures from events, share information on where to go and who to use, and let's make this the first place we go when we need answers concerning our neighborhood.

Scott Medford


Where can I...

Check weather stats for Plano? Rain, snow, wind, temperature?http://www.planoweather.com/wxraindetail.php?r=wxraindetail.php
or you can see the convenient weather information at the top right of this page!

Find the garbage and recycling days? Bulk pickup, large object pickup, etc. http://www.plano.gov/1651/Trash-Recycling-Services

Request landscaping services? Flowers, planting, special services? http://simpsonlandscape.com/contact-us/service-request/